Unit 1 – getting ready

Class preparation note:
10 things that I learned preparing for Unit 1

  1. The five elements of an open, generous, connected approach to work and life are:
    purposeful discovery, relationships, generosity, visible work and a growth mindset
  2. Purposeful discovery: choose a goal (simple, you care about) – build a network of
    relationships, get feedback, learn about ways to improve/other possibilities – adapt goal
  3. Building relationships: develop meaningful relationships. Important: generosity (offer something of yourself), vulnerability (admit to failings), candor (be direct & honest), accountability (do what you say you will do), intimacy (get to know people and care about them)
  4. Small-world networks are like tribes: shared ideas, both strong and weak ties
    Your network gives you access to knowledge, expertise and influence.
  5. Generosity: you offer/serve/help others and both/all have long-term benefits (rational & emotional) =„reciprocal altruism“
    The deeper the relationship, the more likely they will help you.
    You can have self-interest and other-interest at the same time.
  6. Visible work: show finished work or narrate work in progress.
    Benefits: become more visible, get useful feedback, become more efficient
    (solve problems, improve), enjoy work more (more impact, recognition, fun)
  7. Growth mindset: try to improve and get better.
    Self-efficacy: have a strong belief you can accomplish the task/goal.
    Guided mastery: gradual, self-paced practice with feedback
  8. Tipps to get better: permit yourself to make mistakes, ask for help, focus on
    own progress instead of comparing to others, progress – not perfection,
    examine your beliefs and challenge them
  9. Intercultural communication: Never be unprepared. You never meet a culture, you always meet individual people. Stereotypes make life easier but are not true in most cases. Politeness plays a central role in communication.
  10. Sandwich Strategy: soft beginning – difficult part – soft ending. Example:
    critical incident with business partner who isn’t showing up for an appointment.
    Write e-mail blaming yourself for a possible mistake to save the partner’s face.
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